Adventure Your Life 2.0

After being crushed by an 8,000-pound boulder, Pastor Luke Barnett is BACK on the Arizona Trail hiking 300 miles to raise money for victims and families in the Short Creek Community!

300 Miles to Change a City!

Pastor Luke Barnett and his daughter, Annalee, set out two years ago to hike the world famous, 800 mile Arizona Trail. The two were hiking in an effort to raise 1 million dollars to help support families and individuals in need of housing, families who are food-insecure and victims of human trafficking in Southern Utah when an 8,000 pound boulder came bombing down toward Annalee. Heroically, Luke pushes his daughter out of the way, saving her and in turn getting crushed by the boulder himself. Narrowly escaping with his life, Luke is airlifted with multiple broken bones, including a broken femur, three broken ribs, and a nearly severed finger, spends 9 days in the hospital, and encourages Annalee to continue the hike without him. 

This story broke internationally and allowed the two hikers to raise over 1.8 million dollars in support of the Short Creek Dream Center and Short Creek community. 

Now, Pastor Luke is back on the Arizona Trail, and determined to complete the last 300 miles of the hike! He wants to accomplish the feat that the boulder robbed them of 2 years ago and most importantly, continue to raise money and awareness for the work that is taking place in the Short Creek community to rescue victims from human trafficking and provide critical resources to families in need in the community.