Speak to Us About Residential Services

Are you looking for a safe and healing environment as you take steps at regaining your life? Maybe you went through a battle with substance abuse, experienced a family crisis, or want to escape an abusive situation. There are many reasons people need residential services and we are here to help. Contact us today and see if the Short Creek Dream Center Residential Support Center would be a good fit for you.

Call our 24/7 monitored line at (435) 619-4294

Get in Contact with Our Resource Office

Something the Short Creek Dream Center is passionate about is being able to provide the Short Creek Community with a wide variety of resources. One of our mottos is “Find a need and fill it, Find a hurt and heal it”. We have a wide variety of resources available through the Dream Center and we would love to talk to you. Reach out today and let’s find out if we can help.

Call our Resource Officer at (435) 319-0173 or email us resources@shortcreekdreamcenter.org

Submit a Contact Request

Maybe you are not sure where to reach out or you have a general question. Below you will find our contact request form. You can fill it out and you will usually hear from us within a few days.