At Short Creek Dream Center, we have a heart to serve people. Our staff is dedicated to the vision of helping bring hope, restoration, and healing to the people of Hildale and beyond. We are here to help meet needs and walk alongside people as they heal.

Luke & Konstance Merideth – Co-Directors

Luke & Konstance served at the Phoenix Dream Center before moving to Short Creek. Their love for this community was what brought them here. It was the deciding factor in making this their home. Their hearts are to serve in every way God affords them the ability.

Danny Jessop – Security & Operations

Danny Jessop runs both the security and operations department. Former military, he is passionate about keeping people safe. Danny also grew up in the Short Creek Community which helps bring clarity and deeper meaning to a lot of the things we do.

Richard Brown – Food Bank Manager

Richard works at the Short Creek Dream Center as the City Help Food Bank Manager in Colorado City, AZ. He loves his job and getting to connect with the awesome members of the community every weekend.

Lucia Barlow – Residential Aide

Lucia has a heart to serve and brings her experience living in the community to our recovery programs. She is an overcomer who loves seeing other people set free into their destiny.

Mary Jo Eldridge – Learning Center Coordinator

Mary Jo picked up and moved her entire life when she felt led to help lead the education effort at the Short Creek Dream Center. A former teacher, she has a passion to see people learn and looks forward to helping others reach their education goals.

Briell Decker – Residential Aide & Advocate

Briell was the 65th wife of Warren Jeffs who formerly owned what is now Short Creek Dream Center. It is her desire to see people have a safe place to recover and heal fully from trauma. She is proud to know that the Dream Center provides those kinds of opportunities.

Burt Steese – Residential Aide

Burt has a huge heart and is a hard worker. After experiencing amazing transformation in his own life he came to the Dream Center as a volunteer and was later hired as a residential aide. Against impossible odds Burt saw recovery in his own life and loves walking alongside others who are fighting for their own recovery.

Ryan King – Missions

Ryan King, also known as “Ryan Redeemed”, felt led to come and work towards the restoration of Short Creek. Ryan’s nickname “redeemed” came from a time of darkness that Jesus turned around for good. He likes to see other people experience redemption and looks forward to walking alongside the amazing people of Short Creek as they continue to heal and grow. Ryan loves missions and enjoys taking teams into the community.

Jessica Martinez – Promotions and IT

Jessica brings a wide variety of skills to the Short Creek Dream Center. From doing IT work to creating memes and rocking administrative tasks she is the real deal. Full of love and an incredible example of servant leadership she is selfless and works hard to help bring together the background tasks that help the Dream Center run. As someone who has experienced an incredible amount of transformation and growth in her own life she loves to see others experience the same joy and freedom.

Need help?

Get in contact with our support team 24/7 at (435) 619-4294
Email us at

Need help?

Get in contact with our support team 24/7 at (435) 619-4294
Email us at