Thank you for Standing Strong and joining the fight!

This is a national-level effort; we can’t do more without you.  Here are ways you can stand shoulder to shoulder with those fighting this problem in our own backyard and lift up children from the depths of poverty, and the scars of trafficking and trauma.

To reach more and do more, our top priority is securing committed monthly supporters.

Answer the call to come against poverty, child hunger, trauma, and human trafficking. Your commitment as a monthly supporter will fuel our efforts on the ground, allowing us to expand our reach and provide industry-leading care, prevention, and rescue services to thousands in crisis.

We already have identified thousands more to contact in neighboring cities; these crimes are still happening.

$25 a month

The cost of one rescue for a person in oppression or trafficking

$100 a month

The first trauma counseling session for a new client

$500 a month

Clothing and supplies for a new family intake

$1000 a month

Cares for one client’s needs for nearly a month

Your support matters!

If you can’t commit to a donation right now, please consider pledging to contribute when you can. Together, we can make a difference. Every pledge brings us one step closer to our shared goals. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to positive change!

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Every concerned citizen needs this guide.

Knowledge is power in the fight against human trafficking. Download our comprehensive safety guide to learn more about recognizing, preventing, and responding to this pervasive crime. Together, we can create safer communities for all.

–       Insider facts from survivors
–       Exposing the tactics used by traffickers.
–       Warning signs everyone should watch for
–       26 key safety  tips for both children and parents
–       Created by survivors of sex  trafficking

Join us on the ground.

We can’t express how crucial the work of our volunteer missions teams has been to providing much-needed services, hope, and connection within the Short Creek community. Join over 1500 individuals who can say they have made a tangible impact.  Our missions program includes full-service room and board, a missions guide, custom plans for adults and youth, and challenging team-building exercises like hiking right in the backyard of Zions National Park.