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RARE Assessment

An in-depth assessment of the needs of the local community.

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Short Creek Dream Center is a 40-bed residential life skills program and community engagement social services program that exists to equip, overcome and restore hope through education, ending hunger and empowering the communities surrounding Colorado City, Arizona. The age range of clients we serve is between 18 years old and 40 years old, with some clients having children with them.

Our length of stay varies on the individual needs of the client, but is typically between three months and one year. Additionally, we value community partnership and pride ourselves on the community relationships we continue to develop and grow. Such collaboration allows all parties to further the reach and depth of our ability to assist others.

Our Values

Short Creek Dream Center has the following philosophy depicted by core values originating from the first Dream Center built in Los Angeles, California in 1994.

• Christ-centered, faith-based, not for profit 501(c)(3) social services agency
• To involve the community in events, activities and provide support
• Committed to the inherent worth of all people
• A commitment to justice for all people
• Organizational and individual integrity
• Violence / drug free environment
• Stewardship that maximizes an individual’s potential
• Belief in the need for all people to become self-sufficient through tools, resources and the desire to dream

How We Serve The Community

• Housing for Women, Men and Mothers with Children
• Counseling, mentors and Life Coach assistance
• Program will assist men, but will primarily be housed off-site at our Phoenix campus
• Referrals for counseling, classes and support services
• Meals and Food assistance
• Job skills training, GED prep, resume writing, interview skills
• Certified teacher doing after school tutoring
• Community Support

Short Creek Dream Center Services

• Trauma sensitive environmental design
• Private rooms equipped with therapeutic tactile, sounds and lighting
• Healing groups with mentors and/or counselors
• Counseling with (LMFT or LCSW)
• Mentoring
• Life Skills Training
• Healing Art Groups
• Music Therapy Group
• Community Based Outreach and Interaction
• After School Tutoring
• Sensory environment
• Emotional support to maximize learning
• Safety monitoring of internet use
• Life Skills Groups
• Daily Stretching and relaxation sessions
• On-Site Campus Security
• On-Site campus security camera system

All programs are free of charge.

Need help?

Get in contact with our support team 24/7 at (435) 619-4294
Email us at

Need help?

Get in contact with our support team 24/7 at (435) 619-4294
Email us at