Joyce Meyers Ministries

Joyce Meyers ministries has been a faithful partner of the Short Creek Dream Center.

They continue to provide substantial support that makes the continuation of our programs possible. From helping fund our human trafficking rescues to making sure residents have access to equine therapy Joyce Meyer Ministries continues to make a difference in Colorado City.


Passenger Van Donation

One of the many ways Joyce Meyers Ministry has blessed the Short Creek Dream Center is through the generous donation of TWO passenger vans.

Having multiple large passenger vans has equipped the Dream Center to do more outreach, be able to make services in neighboring large cities like St George accessible to residents and more!

About the Short Creek Dream Center

The Dream Center in Short Creek is a 40-bed residential life skills program and community engagement social services program that exists to equip, overcome and restore hope through education, ending hunger, and empowering the communities surrounding Colorado City, Arizona. What used to be a compound of former FLDS leader Warren Jeffs has transformed into a place of healing. Through the Short Creek Dream Center over 100,000 pounds of food is distributed in the Short Creek community every month. On average 50-100 people receive some form of therapy or counseling and families continue to be rescued from FLDS compounds. Not only does the Dream Center specialize in trauma-informed care but they also have made inroads with the community through hosting fun events and get-togethers including concerts, carnivals, BBQ’s and more.