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Help us rescue women and children from FLDS compounds.

There are still people trapped in compounds…

It’s sad to admit that our work has only just begun. The arrest of Warren Jeffs was a good start but there are still many people trapped on FLDS compounds. Our rescue fund exists to help people who want to leave.

When we get calls from people trapped in the FLDS we have to act fast. They are often deprived of contact with the outside world with no access to phones or the internet. When someone gets in touch with us we ACT FAST.

We are often called and in a moments notice we are in vans headed to help escort someone off a compound. Oftentimes we go alongside the local authorities. The people we rescue are in dire situations and being able to respond swiftly and with whatever resources needed is key. Read below a story about a teen bride…

Rebecca’s Story

“I was tired of being his plaything. If the Short Creek Dream Center had not stepped in I would have continued to be used by him.”

Rebecca was born into an FLDS family… and as a young teen she was selected to become the wife of a prominent and wealthy man within her community. She had no say in the matter, it was an arranged marriage and considered a high honor.

What wasn’t spoken of was the fact that the man she was predetermined to marry was nearly 70 years older than her, was battling with extreme levels of sexual perversion and that trying to leave was going to “cost her eternal salvation.”

One day she decided enough was enough. The Short Creek Dream Center was her out. We have become sort of an “Underground Railroad” for people escaping from the FLDS. She heard through other survivors in her family that we would step in and help.

When she finally was able to get in contact us she nervously said, “I just want to warn you that when you come to get me my husband will probably answer the door naked.” She was ashamed but we reassured her that it wouldn’t be a problem.

With a team of staff we went to get her. Her husband did come to the door naked. Rebecca told us that he spent most of his day that way and only requested her company when he wanted to use her.

It wasn’t easy for her to leave. She was told that doing so would cost her salvation and she would forever be labeled an unfaithful, disobedient, apostate wife. She had the courage and we had the resources to rescue her and that is what our rescue fund is all about.

People who need to be rescued come to us often and your support makes our quick action possible. Once removed from a compound they need crisis housing, food support, and often time require immediate medical and legal services.

You help make this possible.

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